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Purchasing flowers is still one of the most popular ways to brighten someone’s day, and it is a time-honored practice that only seems to grow as the years go by. This can be a wonderful experience both for the giver and the receiver, and is a perfect opportunity to tell communicate something private and personal that you would otherwise not express overtly. When you’re buying flowers it’s important that you take your time and are very careful about the selection that you make, tailoring each one of your choices to the potential recipient. In this article, we’ve put together a few suggestions for which arrangements might be right depending on the occasion.




For a birthday, you can be as in-depth about your flower selection as you want to be. For celebratory occasions like this, it is not always necessary that you have a specific message or intention behind the flowers that you choose, and often something that is conjunction with the season and has a joyful or ebullient mood is more than enough to meet the requirements of the situation. On the other hand, you may be interested to know that different zodiacal signs are accompanied by different types of flowers, so if you want to get more intricate about your flower selection process, you can always factor in the flower that goes with your friend or relative’s birth sign.




Flowers are almost a necessity on anniversaries as they are the best way to immediately establish that you are treating this like a special day. A nice touch on an anniversary is to have a bouquet delivered to your partner at their workplace. If you’ve been married for a long time, than a certain amount of variety and willingness to experiment can go a long way to satisfying your loved one’s expectations. If you’re recently married, than the best choice is often to go big, and get a large and bold bouquet to celebrate this important milestone.


Sympathy & Get Well Flowers


Buying flowers when someone has passed away, or when someone is recovering from a bad accident, can be a delicate thing to do, and you want to make sure you are exercising as much care, tact and discretion in your choice as you can. When you are buying get well flowers, much depends on the age and the severity of the injury of the person you’re buying for. Something bright and spontaneous is appropriate for someone who is only experiencing a minor setback and is definitely going to recover. As always you will just have to choose an arrangement that is suited to your unique occasion.


If you’re looking for Vancouver florists, but want to make sure you’ve found one of the best florists in the area before you order your flowers, you’ve come to the right place. We are a top-rated florist in the Vancouver area and we would be thrilled to help you however you can. Browse through this website to take a look at the many styles of bouquets that we have to offer. We’re confident that there will be something perfect for your special day.

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